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**SPECIAL NOTICE! I am FINALLY updating this sales page! MANY Thanks to the hundreds of wonderful people who have contacted me over the last few months... and THANK YOU for your patience. In all honesty, I could not keep up with all the contacts... a FANTASTIC problem to have! I have recently added a new database and other software which will allow me to keep up with the volume. The first step was to start updating this page regularly. If you are interested in any of the shoes on this page OR in anything else (I can obtain virtually anything you desire), simply go to the contact page and let me know. Additional info is available thru that route. THANKS AGAIN & have fun!

NOW, here is the FUN part! This is where you find the perfect pair (or pairs) of Vintage Shoes for your OWN feet! I want to start by making it clear that the shoes I have listed on this page represent just the TIP of the iceberg in terms of the VSA inventory. In actuality, I keep around 350 incredible pairs of Vintage Shoes in inventory at all times. When they first read, "350 pairs", most of my clients are pretty amazed that I have so many. However, keep in mind that there are literally hundreds of different Vintage Shoe Styles that were made between the 1920's and 1950's. When you also consider the many different sizes of different clients' feet, then that "big" number of 350 pairs starts looking much smaller.

This is why I keep a network of DOZENS of different Vintage Shoe collectors from all around the world. If I do not have what you are looking for in inventory at a given time, then I WILL be able to find what you are looking for thru my network. Once I have pinpointed exactly what you are looking for, I go to work and begin the worldwide search!

Finding Vintage Shoes For You

I like to start out with a short interview. For my U.S. clients I have a toll free phone number (which I provide to you once you have contacted me via e-mail. I do this because there is sophisticated software that steals phone numbers from websites to be put on telemarket lists). In this manner, I am quite Old-Fashioned. I prefer live conversation to typing (I am a very bad typist... LOL) and enjoy the legitimacy that a phone number provides. If a client has an inquiry, he can just pick up the phone and I can answer. I do not like the odd anonymity that pure electronic communication provides. I am here for my clients 100% and do what is necessary to make them comfortable and keep them satisfied.

I also have a Skype account and a high definition camera for International clients and anyone wishing to see a particular pair of shoes live. I am currently working on other methods to make the process easy and fun for all of clients and my International clients in particular. Language and time zone issues will not be a problem when dealing with the Vintage Shoes Addict!

The Shoes

Whenever I acquire a pair of shoes (whether intended for my own feet or for documentation purposes), I spend a minimum of a month polishing & conditioning them... but often longer than that. Sometimes the previous owner didn't take the time to properly care for them (or didn't know how). Sometimes they are NOS (New Old Stock), or unworn " Brand Spanking New! These can be just as tricky to care for, as they MUST be properly conditioned, polished and otherwise "Prepped" for their maiden voyage (on YOUR feet)! Being a "SHOE ADDICT", I enjoy learning about vintage shoes through first-hand experience. Over 1000 pairs of Fine Mens Shoes have been held in my hands over the last 3 years alone, and more will continue to come and go.

My Cobbler is now 93 years old and has over 75 years of experience in the industry. His knowledge and experience has been TREMENDOUS! From minor repairs to more complex ones, I am very thankful that he is there to perform the work that only a real Pro can do, and gracious enough to teach me (as well as lend me some cobbler's tools) to perform more minor "procedures".

What this means to YOU is that there will always be a continuous stream of Top Quality Vintage Shoes on this site that will be available to YOU, if you so desire. If there is a particular style, era, or maker you are interested, please Contact Me and we will find it for you!

The Shoes!

This is just the beginning! Each week I will be adding more pairs of incredible Vintage Beauties for you to view... and OWN! Please check back soon and often!

Size US 7 1/2D, UK 6 1/2 to 7 E, European 40.5

1930's FRENCH NOS Art Deco Wingtips

These are 100% one of the most wonderful pairs of shoes I have ever seen! Late 1930's French Custom-Made wingtips in the 1920's Art Deco style. These are the only pair I have seen that even remotely resemble this incredibly fabulous style. They are just a bit too small for my feet... and I have been regretting this fact for years now. Time to send them off to a VERY lucky size 7 1/2D US.


1940's NOS Unworn Woven/ Braided Oxfords by El Chico

Woven shoes were one of the absolutely coolest styles of the 1940's. Extremely wonderful interwoven leather design, a fabulous casual shoe.


1940's NOS Unworn Hanover ELEGANT Black Wingtip Derby

Just look at that beautiful shape! So very Vintage in style, yet they translate easily to today. Paired with a classic suit, these really set the look OFF!


Size US 8D, UK 7 to 7 1/2E, European 41

1940's NOS (unworn) Norwegian Spectators

Unworn and mint contition, these are some really beautiful Spectators. These are made in the UK and are a great example of Vintage top-line shoemaking & styling.


1940's Florsheim Buffalo Skin Perforated Spectators

These are really wonderful shoes. A pair of 1940's Florsheim PERFORATED SPECTATORS (punch holes throughout the shoe allow a cool breeze to flow in and cool your foot. The fact that they are made with Vintage Buffalo Skin only adds to the Cool-Factor.


Dack's Antelope Skin Wholecut Oxfords

The antelope skin on these is just perfect. Very durable and will last 2 lifetimes. The fact that this pair is a wholecut (made from a single piece of skin) is excellent to show off the beauty of Exotic Skin Vintage Shoes.


Edwin Clapp Alligator & Calf Norwegians

This is an example of the elegance of the Norwegian (Split Toe) shoe when done just right. Of course, it is an Edwin Clapp, so it is not surprising to see such an offering. American Alligator & Calfskin make a fabulous combination.


French Shriner & Urner black & white Wingtip Spectators

As a HUGE fan of classic suede & calf spectator shoes, I can honestly say these are INCREDIBLE. Top quality & stunning elegance.


1920's NOS Unworn Campus Spectators by Weyenberg

At 90 years of age, these spectators are simply unreal! Soft & supple leather and in 100% perfect condition. The Campus Shoe was all the rage at colleges and learning institutions in the 20's... and you can see why. What a very cool style!.


1940's NOS Unworn Macksown Captoe Oxfords

These are a true High-End handmade shoe. The leather is gkove soft, yet still 100% perfect, soft & supple. In all honesty, the leather on these is among the nicest I have ever seen. A classic 100% handmade captoe oxford... a perfect business shoe for the executive.


Size US 8 1/2D, UK 7 1/2 to 8E, European 41 1/2.

1940's Bostonian for Boyd's ULTIMATE GUNBOAT Captoes

Straight from my personal collection, I offer these... the KING of all Gunboats. I do have a second pair that I am keeping... check out the gunboat page where aI describe the model in more detail. These babies weigh well over 4 pounds and are some Heavy Duty shoes!


1950's Florsheim Gunboat Spectators Worn 1 time

Another pair straight from my personal collection, I offer these... a TRUE Longwing Gunboat SPECTATOR Shoe. This shoe is easily found in either straight black or brown. HOWEVER, this SPECTATOR 2-Tone model is extremely rare and pretty darned awesome. I wore them only 1 time after purchasing them new NOS. Note the tan colored welt stitch... a very nice detail.


Full Alligator Florsheim Imperial Norwegian Split Toes

Yet another pair straight from my personal collection, I offer these... probably the nicest model of the famous Full Alligator Skin norwegian ever made. This has got to be one of my absolute favorite classic Alligator shoe styles. Every shoe afficionado should own at least one... those American Alligator skins were WONDERFUL half a century ago!


Footjoy Full Alligator Tassel Loafers

Yet another pair straight from my personal collection, the nicest US made Full Alligator tassel loafer ever made. The skins are so nice it's amazing. Constructed to last a lifetime, this is the last Exotic Skin loafer you will ever need.


1930's Hanaan Hurdlers Blue Suede Oxfords

This is yet another pair of fine shoes from my Personal Collection. I LOVE Vintage suede shoes, and Elvis had it right, "You can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes". Perfect with any casual attire and unique to say the least, this 1930's pair has it all.


Cole Haan Vintage Sharkskin & Shell Cordovan Saddle Wingtips

Shell Cordovan (horse hind leather) and Shark in the same shoe??? YES! What an amazing Spectator Shoe. A perfect vintage wingtip, made using 2 of the toughest and most beautiful exotic leathers on the planet.


Vintage Full Alligator Split Toe Norwegians

The last shape of these is what really drew my eye to them. Just a bit more angular than the average, they have a bit of a Spade Sole that really sets them off.


Size US 9 D, UK 8 to 8 1/2E, European 42.

1950's NOS Bostonian For Boyd's Wingtip Gunboats

Awesome thick soles and the the tough Brogued Derby style that made Gunboats famous. For decades, Bostonian made shoes for Top-Tier department store, Boyd's. This is an extremely fine example.


1950's NOS Unworn Florsheim BUFFALO SKIN Derby Wingtips

Buffalo skin is one of the most durable skins ever used to make shoes. It can get wet and dries perfectly. Drying out is basically a non-issue. The added bonus is the patina that builds over time with this elather. Really incredible.


Nettleton 1940's NOS Unworn Algonquin Split Toes

The Algonquin is probably the longest enduring shoe last (shape) in the history of U.S. made shoes. Originally introduced in the 1940's (possibly earlier) and lasting thru at least the 1980's (2 decades after the Golden Era of U.S. shoes officially ended). The wonderful Vintage Tan color is amazing.


Size US 9 1/2D, UK 8 1/2 to 9E, European 42 1/2.

1940's Near-NOS (worn 1x) Stetson brown Calf & white Suede Spectator Shoes

After you check out this site, you will know that I LOVE SPECS! Fantastic summer style and a ton of fun to wear. These are 1940's Once-Worn (near brand new) Stetsons. Condition is clearly excellent!


1960's PRE-CITES Blue Sea Turtle Plaintoe Derby

Sea turtle is now on the endangered species list as a result of over hunting the species in the 1970's and 1980's. This pair of fine shoes is from the 1960's and is 100% legal. It is a stunning reminder of what was once a plentiful skin.


1950's Florsheim black & white Spectator Apron Toes

The Apron Toe was the quintessential 1950's style. Bringing back the bebop era is really simple when you wear these fabulous shoes. The white suede apron really stands out against the black lacing.


Footjoy Full Alligator Wingtip Saddle Shoes

This is THE classic Exotic Skin Vintage wingtip shoe. While the majority of Vintage Alligator shoes were made into Norwegians (split toes), this is the classic wingtip model. A perfect Derby and a perfect example of U.S. Alligator Skin.


Footjoy Sharkskin (Tiger Shark) Plaintoe Monk Straps

It is VERY difficult to find a wonderful Monkstrap exotic skin shoe. The age of the monk missed the classic U.S. exotic skin shoe glory days... except for this rare model.


1940's Thom McAn NOS Unworn Hand-Woven Oxfords

An awesome example of early 1940's use of leather weaving used to make a fabulous summer or spring shoe, and made by Thom McAn during the height of their shoemaking abilities.


1930's NOS Unworn Perforated Spectators by Men's Club

Talk about a WONDERFUL NOS Unworn Vintage Shoe! The holes in the leather uppers serve to allow a cool breeze cool your feet in the warmer months. A popular style seen worn by the wealthy and well-known of the era. I am a huge fan.


1930's Stetson Spade Soled Wingtip Oxfords

A beautiful shape makes these one of the most elegant shoes I have handled. Of course the 1930's Spade Sole is incredible (I LOVE Spades!), and the narrow and curvy waist on these just adds to the elegance and beauty.


Size US 10D, UK 9 to 9 1/2E, European 43.

1950's Edwin Clapp Giant Sea Turtle Saddle Wingtips

THE true Holy Grail of Vintage Sea Turtle shoes. These are AMAZING. The rarest of the rare in Vintage Exotic Skins (Sea Turtle is endangered now and hasn't been legally sold for over a decade. The best of the best in VIntage shoemaking... Edwin Clapp. You already know the name. Not much more to say about these. You will not find another pair in a wearable size!!!


1930's to 1940's Edwin Clapp SPADE SOLED Oxfords

The rarest of the rare in Vintage Elegant Dress Shoes. The best of the best in Vintage shoemaking... Edwin Clapp. 100% Hand-Made, true works of art for your lucky feet!


1950's Cole Haan Shell Cordovan & Calf Saddles

What a fantastic pair of contrasting saddle shoes! The dark brown Shell Cordovan (horse leather) just really stands out against the tan calfskin. Excellent color & materials combination.


1950's Edwin Clapp Giant Sea Turtle Monkstraps

The rarest of the rare in Vintage Exotic Skins (Sea Turtle is endangered now and hasn't been legally sold for over a decade. The best of the best in VIntage shoemaking... Edwin Clapp. You already know the name. Not much more to say about these. You will not find another pair in a wearable size!!!


1940's Flagg Brothers Vintage Tan U-Tip Oxfords

Just look at these beauties! What an elegant (and VERY 1940's) design. The toebox is slightly raised and creates a wonderful focal point. I have encountered just a single pair of shoes with these particular details... this one right here!


1930's Frank Brothers Spade Soled Oxford Wingtips

Made in the late 1930's, these incredible Spade Soled shoes were 100% handmade in the Frank Brothers shop. This is from before they began outsourcing their shoes to other makers, like J&M. The quality in these is as good as it gets... in ANY ERA!


1940's Hanover NOS Unworn Hand Woven Oxfords

This has GOT to be the absolute most beautiful pair of Woven Leather shoes I have ever seen. The style was quite popular in the 1940's and still looks ultra-cool in the warmer months. The weave design in this particular pair is outstanding and represents the best of this style.


Vintage English Made Lloyd & Haig NOS Unworn Norwegians

A wonderful goodyear stitched, English-made Norwegian Split Toe shoe. With a lovely shape and top-class finishing, a perfect example of the style done in a classy and conservative manner.


1940's Wallstreeter Foot Pals NOS Unworn Blue Suede Plain Toes

Who doesn't LOVE Blue Suede Shoes??? Elvis KNEW that they were (and still are) a staple in any Shoe Collection... today they are a unique shoe that will definitely draw attention.


1940's Weyenberg brown Suede and Calf Spectator Wingtips

Whenever I show pics of these shoes, the mouths begin to water! The brown suede's texture is a perfect contract to the top-tier calfskin. These are extremely versatile and can be worn for both business and pleasure... and will ALWAYS get positive feedback.


Size US 10 1/2D, UK 9 1/2 to 10E, European 43.5

Allen Edmonds Nassau Shark Skin Wingtips


Edwin Clapp Full Alligator Saddle Wingtips

The Classic design done as best as it can be done by the TRUE King of Vintage Shoemakers. A VERY rare make-up done in Vintage American Alligator Skin.


Edwin Clapp Full Alligator Norwegians

This is an example of the elegance of the Norwegian (Split Toe) shoe when done just right. Of course, it is an Edwin Clapp, so it is not surprising to see such an offering. The best of American Alligator skins was used to create a stunning pair of shoes.


Full Shark Skin (Sharkskin) NOS Unworn Norwegian Split Toes

This wonderful pair of shoes is an extreme rarity. NOS (unworn) 1960's Sharkskin shoes are extremely rare & the details in this pair are fabulous. Etonic did their best to make these as comfortable as can be... and succeeded. They even have a Real Shark Tooth attached!


Footjoy Teju Lizard & Suede Saddle wingtips

ULTRA-Rare and just marvelous. This is the best way to describe these. The wonderful tan Lizard skin goes just so well with the suede. What an All-Time-Great combination. This is the only time I have ever seen this model. Wish they fit me!


Mansfield 1950's Thick Soled U-Tip Spectators

Definitely NOT the typical elegant Spectator shoe from the 1940's. THIS is the 1950's... where the thick soled beauties rose to the top. An ultra-rarity to see the style as a spectator shoe and doubly rare as a U-tip. If you love Spectator Shoes, you need them in your collection.


Nettleton 1940's NOS Unworn Algonquin Split Toe Spectators

The Algonquin is probably the longest enduring shoe last (shape) in the history of U.S. made shoes. Originally introduced in the 1940's (possibly earlier) and lasting thru at least the 1980's (2 decades after the Golden Era of U.S. shoes officially ended). This is THE split toed shoe! As a spectator shoe, they are even better.


Silvano Lattanzi $18,000 Crocodile Bentivegna Norwegians

These are 100% the REAL DEAL. This pair is from world famous Silvano Lattanzi's 2009 collection... and retailed for a whopping $18,000. Here's the New York Daily News article $18,000 Lattanzi Shoes! 100% handmade by the man who also creates the "buried shoes" (google it, he actually buries shoes for months at a time in order to build patina & character). The skins are like none you will ever see again. WOW!!!!


Size US 11D, UK 10 to 10 1/2E, European 44.

1940's Edwin Clapp SEALSKIN & Calf Oxfords

Vintage Sealskin shoes are EXTREMELY rare and almost impossible to find. Today, only certain Japanese makers still use this skin. In the 1940's, Edwin Clapp made a few, VERY Special models. This is one of them. A Perfect Shoe!


Vintage Church's Elephant Skin Chukka boots

If you LOVE the rare skins of many Vintage Shoes, you will fall in love with these beauties! Elephant skin Chukka boots by Church's. Definitely a Holy Grail of a shoe for this rare skin that is relatively unavailable outside of Japan today.


French Shriner Full Alligator Norwegian Split Toes

When choosing a pair of Classic Vintage Alligator shoes, picking the skin is the most important part. Color and tile sizing can vary greatly, and this pair has the PERFECT depth in its brown color. The coloring is just so "deep" and beautiful. How wonderful.


1940's Stacy Adams Full Sharkskin Norwegians

This is a very RARE 1940's Full Sharkskin Norwegian. Although it wasn't until the 1960's and 1970's until Shark became a popular shoe leather in the US, this is an actual 1940's model. Just look at the wheeling on that welt. Deep and thick grooving adds another dimension of absolute toughness to these shoes. ALSO note the coloring of that Shark! Awesome! This pair is a bit narrower and is probably best for a size 11C (US size) foot.


Size US 11 1/2D, UK 10 1/2 to 11E, European 44.5

1950's NOS Unworn Florsheim Oxford Wingtips

A gorgeous shoe made with a classic scotch grain leather. Classic Oxford Wingtips by the Daddy of all great U.S. shoes, Florsheim! Note, this pair is a slightly narrow fitting, so will work best for U.S. size 11 1/2C.


1940's NOS Unworn George Webb Oxford Wingtips

Some of the best out of the UK, George Webb made its mark in the European Vintage Shoe arena. Definitely not a flimsy shoe, this is definitely a "man's" oxford with the classic Webb Masculine (their actual line name in the 40's) look and feel.


Size US 12D, UK 11 to 11 1/2E, European 45.

1940's City Club NOS French Toe Oxfords

The French Toe is truly one of the all-time elegant shoes. The overall design is conservative captoe... but it's that CAP DETAILING that makes them special. This pair features a wonderful and unique white stitched design on the cap and a fabulous white welt stitch. These details make these really POP!


1940's City Club NOS Kangaroo Skin Cap Toes

Kangaroo Skin has proven to be one of the most very beautiful and durable shoe leathers of all time. While many of their calfskin brothers have dried out and cracked, most kangaroo is still going strong. These classic black cap toe derbies are simply wonderful to add to any fine shoe collection.


1950's Florsheim ORIGINAL Model Gunboat

If you are a fan of the longwing Gunboat shoe, you really need to check these out. This is a PRE-KENMOOR 1950's model. Note the lack of medallion, the incredible Vintage Tan color (not seen today), and the handswen welt stitch. WOW!


Size US 12 1/2D, UK 11 1/2 to 12 E, European 45.5

1940's Nettleton Woven Leather Perforated Spectators

A wonderful shoe for the warmer months, the breeze will flow through those perforations and keep your feet cooooool. A relatively rare model, and certainly made unique by the hand-braided leather on the uppers.


1960's Pre-CITES Sea Turtle Plaintoe Saddles

As Sea Turtle is now illegal to use or trade in, it is a lucky thing that a few wonderful pairs of shoes were made when they were still plentiful. A REAL TRAGEDY to over-hunt such a wonderful animal, it is a privelege to handle this pair of 50 year-old shoes today. The skin is amazing.


Size US 13D, UK 12 to 12 1/2E, European 46.

Edwin Clapp NOS Unworn 1940's Spade Soled Oxfords

A True HOLY GRAIL of Vintage shoes! One of the nicest shoes ever made, and an ultra-rare Spade Sole to boot. You will NEVER find these again at such a large size.


Lidfort Full Crocodile Norvegese Plaintoe Derby

From Barney's in New York City, these full crocodile plain toes are so incredible tough looking. Retail price was near $3000.00 and one look at these 100% handmades tells why. They harken to the cowboy boot styles made famous by Lucchese, by making use of the Hornback Skins. For a rough and tough looking Croc shoe, these are second to none.


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