Vintage Shoe Care

The Shoe Horn

Here we are at "Shoe Care 101"... the absolute most basic item every shoe owner should have. THE SHOE HORN! The shoe horn is basically a curved piece of hard material (usually wood, metal or plastic) that a man places at the heel of his shoe when he puts his foot in. It keeps the heel of the foot from mashing down the leather at the heel of the shoe. Seems basic enough, but it is so very often ignored. We all have seen someone struggling to jam his foot into his shoe, and this method can do some real damage to a pair of fine shoes. This is doubly true when it comes to Vintage Shoes because over time the leather at the heel often becomes slightly dry with age. For regular wearing, this is not usually an issue, but if a foot is jammed down hard onto it, the heel counter leather can actually crack or tear. The basic shoe horn can fit into your pocket and costs under $5.

We know hot to put a shoe on correctly, so let's not forget the second most common "shoe mistake". UNTIE AND LOOSEN the laces before taking them off. It only takes a couple of seconds, but the damage when neglected can be devastating. Yanking any pair of shoes off your feet can damage the heel leather, but again, since Vintage Shoes (50+ years old) may have slightly dry heel leather, the heel counter can actually split all the way open. With all Fine Things, the small details can mean a lot.

Shoe Trees

I currently have over 20 ultra-cool photos of different types and styles of Vintage Shoe Trees getting prepped for this page. We will discuss the different types, the positives and negatives of each, and show how to decide which pair is best for each pair of your Vintage Shoes.

I am also currently compiling information on the shoe polishing methods of some fellow Shoe Addicts whose results are mind-blowing, as well as writing out my own, along with step-by-step photos. So, please check back soon and frequently because this page will continue to add different opinions and perspectives of people who "know shoecare"!


*For Questions, Comments, or to put me to WORK finding YOU the prefect pair of Vintage Shoes for YOUR feet, CONTACT ME!

*I also am interested in purchasing YOUR Vintage Shoes, so if you have anything wonderful, Please let me know!

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